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Articles, Audio, and Video Clips from Press Start!


Press Start coverage in The Ubyssey

An article from Inside Games (インサイド/日本語)

A piece from the Mainichi Shinbun (毎日新聞/日本語)

Coverage from the Government of Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs (文化庁/日本語)

Live Tweets from the conference floor

Write-ups by U of Alberta Professor Geoffrey Rockwell and PhD Student Jérémie Pelletier Gagnon


Game Industry Panel Discussion – With Howard Donaldson (DigiBC), Tomoko Nakasuji (BC International Trade), Atsuo Nakayama (Bandai Namco), Joe Nickolls (Capcom Vancouver), Sakae Osumi (Capcom USA), Kaiser Ng (DeNA), Naoki Kameda (Sega), and Shuji Watanabe (Ritsumeikan University)

Working with Japanese Game Companies: Best Practices – With Jon Festinger (Centre for Digital Media / UBC Law), Atsuo Nakayama (Bandai Namco), Joe Nickolls (Capcom Vancouver), Sakae Osumi (Capcom USA), and Patrick Pennefather (Centre for Digital Media)


(Conducted by Marina Lúcio & David Gutierrez of the CDM)

Michelle Chan (Community Guest)

Megan Coil (UBC Law Student)

Howard Donaldson (President of DigiBC)

Jon Festinger (UBC Law Instructor)

Nicholas Gilmore (UBC Student)

Naoki Kameda (Sega Networks)

Atsuo Nakayama (Bandai Namco Vancouver)

Joe Nickolls (Capcom Vancouver)

Sakae Osumi (Capcom USA)

Kevin Pan (UBC Japanese Major)

UBC Co-op Students (Calvin, Iana, and Scott)

Helen Wang (CDM Student)

Ben Whaley (Press Start Coordinator)


PRESS START Feature on NikkeiTV (Broadcast on OMNI TV in both BC and ON / 日本語) – PART ONE


PRESS START Feature on NikkeiTV (Broadcast on OMNI TV in both BC and ON / 日本語) – PART TWO


Jon Festinger (Centre for Digital Media / UBC Law) – Legal, Normative & Cultural Perspectives on Mods & Modding of Japanese Video Games


Patrick Pennefather (Centre for Digital Media) – The Disruptive Game



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