Keynote and Book Launches

Keynote Lecture

(Saturday from 10:00-10:30)

(Keynote Sponsored by The Japan Foundation, Toronto)

Professor Tatsuyuki Negoro (Director, Waseda Business School)

Transformations and Future Directions in Games: A Layer Strategy Perspective

This keynote address will discuss the strategic characteristics of products with a “layer construction” such as videogame consoles and game software. By looking at these unique characteristics, Professor Negoro will consider the evolution, current state, and future of the game industry.

Two Book Launches

(Friday from 5:30-6:00)


Associate Professor Shuji Watanabe (Ritsumeikan University, College of Image Arts and Sciences)

 (1) Why Do People Play Games? “Game Essence” from a Developer’s Perspective

Co-Author Professor Akinori Nakamura (Ritsumeikan)


Atsuo Nakayama (Executive Vice President / Studio Manager, Bandai Namco Studios Vancouver)

 (2) The Third Wave of Japanese Games

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